Novus Epoch for

Hello Friends
Some of you have been wondering why we have not posted any opportunities in the past 6 months. The simple answer is that we have been on a soul-searching sabbatical since the beginning of the year. Since starting the project in 2009, our aim has been to help South African youth to access career opportunities so they can take care of themselves and their families. However it dawned upon us that simply sharing job opportunities was not making a big enough difference. There has been many other website that have emerged doing the exact same thing as our platform, which is good and honorable. That is the reason we thought its time to recalibrate our culture.
After much deliberation and in alignment with the times, Luckysters is now ready for a new Birth (Renaissance)….a new beginning. Luckysters is ready to be transformed into a universal utility that is useful for all human life on earth. After all the internet does not have any geographical barriers. We call this period the Novus Epoch. There is a new energy emerging in the world, which brings with it a new set of challenges. This calls for radical thinking, ideas and innovation in all human affairs. Going forward, Luckysters will lead the way in spotting and dissemination of innovative ideas geared toward self-sustainability. We will source valuable ancient wisdom to empower you to do for self. There is a great ECONOMIC DEPRESSION around the corner….The time of relying on governments, politicians (miss leaders) and corporates to feed us is over. Nature has blessed us with brains, hands, feet, eyes, ears and its about time we start putting all of them to good use. Mainstream media has told you about climate change, fourth industrial revolution, robots replacing humans in the workplace, AI technology etc. All these coming changes are testament to the fact that there is an economic storm coming and our job is to prepare you for this coming Novus Epoch, so you may thrive and prosper through your own efforts.
We as human beings need to start using the intelligence and creativity that we were born with to come up with solutions for all our problems. No political party, foreign investment and international aid, is going to help us without enslaving us. We have done this before. African children used to make toy cars out of recycled tins and wire. The same minds and hands should now be utilized to feed, clothe, shelter and heal ourselves.
Nature.. the sun, moon, planets, soil, rain and air, are all on our side. We don’t need any more blessings. Nature has given us all that we need to survive on earth. Don’t wait for somebody to offer you employment. The time to build for self begins today. After we build our own things, we can then barter (exchange) our goods with each other. That is what it means to be self-employed.
It certainly won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Real FREEDOM is earned through effort and not given to you in exchange for a mere vote.

African_Toy31/102017 Unemployed carpenter, Simon Skhosana, iand his little paddle car built from discarded scrap material at the village of Moloto, north of Pretoria. Picture: Phill Magakoe ------ Do Not Scan