Top 5 Engineering Bursaries

Each year companies in both the public and private sector commit to providing financial aid to deserving students. This is sometimes awarded in scholarship form but more frequently through a bursary agreement.

Most companies choose to support students who pursue studies in fields related to the organisation’s operations, with the aim of recruiting beneficiaries after graduation.

Here we look at the top 5 companies in the engineering sector who offer bursary opportunities to prospective engineering students.

These opportunities are presented at different times during the year and individuals seeking financial assistance should visit the Bursaries Portal all year round.

1. SASOL Bursary

The Sasol Foundation offers all-inclusive bursaries to individuals pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) qualifications.

To be considered students must have acceptance or provisional acceptance at a university for the chosen year of study.

2. SAEC Bursary

In 2019 SAEC offered approximately 30 bursaries to eligible students. The bursaries were offered in mining related disciplines and included study courses in industrial engineering and metallurgy.

3. Hatch Bursary

Hatch supports students who are interested in developing an engineering career in the consulting field.

Only students studying a BSc or BEng in chemical engineering at a recognised tertiary institution in South Africa are eligible to receive funding. Tertiary students must maintain an average academic achievement of 80% or above.

4. Aurecon Bursary

Aurecon is a global engineering and infrastructure advisory company.

The Aurecon Bursary Scheme offers motivated, high achieving scholars and students, all-round support to study engineering and advisory related degrees at accredited universities.

5. Sanral Bursary

SANRAL is committed to developing the skills of students who express an interest in studying and building a career within the civil engineering industry.

Applicants entering their first, second, third or fourth year of study may apply.