Anova Health | Professional Nurse – COVID 19 (CORONA)

Professional Nurse – COVID 19 (CORONA) Response – Ref No: OD008/20

Fixed Term Contract
Limpopo Province

We are looking for a Professional Nurse to provide support in the COVID-19 (Corona) project through direct servicdelivery (DSD). The incumbenwill alsprovide technical support on COVID19, bsupporting the Department of Health (DoH) and collaboratinwith otheNGOs on the implementatioof COVID-19 mitigation activities.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support the Doand collaborate with otheNGOothe implementatioof COVID19 mitigation activitiesuch as facility preparedness statustriaging, screeninantesting, infection preventioand control, collection of specimenapeneed andatquality monitoring.
  • Monitor the implementatioothe recent guidelines anprotocols relateto COVID –19 activities.
  • Identify program support needat assignefacilitieanadvisaccordingly.
  • Facilitate integratioof COVID19 anotheservices.
  • Support thDoH in conducting trainings anempower colleague(e.g. orientatioand knowledge transfer).
  • Assiswith data analysis anuse.
  • Attend subdistrict officmeetings, internal meetingsworkshopand skill developmensessions.
  • Ensure timely submission owork plans, requests and reports.
  • Ensure documentatiootrackinantracing activities afacility leveanat community leveby relevant tracing teams.
  • Support QI projects aassigned.
  • Do research work as and when required.

Essential qualifications and experience

  • Qualificatioas a Professional Nurse with midwifery.
  • Valid registratioas a Professional Nurse with thSouth African Nursing Council (SANC).
  • Clinical work experience ocommunicable annoncommunicable diseases.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Good report writinskills.
  • Proficiency in MS Word anbasic MS Excel skills.

Submit your CV anapplication letter to Olga .

Please specify the above reference number on the subject line for quicker response. Good luck!

Closing date: 13 May 2020


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