Sanlam Bursaries 2020 – 2021

Sanlam Bursaries

Sanlam is calling on suitable candidates who are looking for bursary support to submit an application for its current Bursary Programme offering. The bursary programme is for high potential students who wish to advance their actuarial studies but are hindered mainly by financial constraints.

Sanlam’s bursary programme offers the following benefits:

  • Tuition and boarding expenses coverage
  • General allowance for books and pocket money
  • Academic and mentoring support from the company’s team of actuarial professionals
  • Networking opportunities with the company’s friendly staff
  • Employment after graduation from studies
  • Extended support and payment leading towards actuarial exams

About Sanlam GTI

Sanlam GTI, or Group Technology and Information, is a global, diversified financial services company and is one of the largest insurance organizations around the world. With headquarters located in South Africa, Sanlam operates in 44 countries and has the most expansive foothold in South Africa. For more than a century, Sanlam has been in operation and has constantly been providing value-added services to clients all over the world.


Sanlam Actuarial Bursaries Requirements and Eligibility

  • Must have achieved a score of more than 90% in Mathematics and with an overall A aggregate
  • A South African citizen and intending to pursue a career in actuary
  • Excellent in Math and enjoys a good mental workout


How to Apply and Application Details

  • Applications are done online. Click on the link to access the recruitment page
  • Register an account if you haven’t done so
  • Be sure to attach the following documents when prompted
    • A comprehensive CV
    • Final results from Grade 11 as well as min-year results from Grade 12
    • A letter of motivation showing the answers to the following:
      • Describe what an actuary does in your own words
      • What is your reason for studying actuarial science?
      • What do you think it takes to become a successful actuary?
      • Why should the company award you the bursary support?
      • What other careers would you consider should you not succeed with this application?


Closing Date

 30 June 2020 


Contact Details 0860 726 526

Or, click on the link to fill out the contact form

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