Samancor: General Work Vacancies


To identify Environmental risks to the business and local communities and implement initiatives which will assist WCM to safely attain its objective of Zero Harm to the environment.


  • Identify and assess level of baseline risk exposures in area of responsibility by considering exposures to business, financial, legal issues, people, equipment, material, environment, processes, etc.
  • Consider the level of risk, apply mitigation and implement control measures for residual risk (set objectives, minimum requirements, etc.)
  • Manage SHEQ compliance within the Section through effective use of the Toolbox
  • Utilise the Information Management System (IMS) to initiate, investigate and report SHEQ status.


  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction
  • Liaise with all interested and affected parties (Local, provincial and national authorities, regulatory bodies, NGO’s, etc.)
  • Build and maintain relations with local communities
  • Represent the company on external committees:
    • APOLCOM – Air Pollution Liaison Committee
    • NaFoCP – Air Pollution Liaison Committee
    • SHEQ Chrome Producers Joint Meeting
  • Key Customers: Shareholders, Business Units, Local Communities, Local, Provincial and National Government.


  • Ensure an enabling climate/culture
  • Manage labour stability by minimising labour turnover
  • Labour complement in line with budget, HDSA and Female targets
  • Manage performance and IDP’s against set targets and competencies and conduct career discussions and implement actions
  • Ensure discipline is maintained in department (absenteeism, lateness, overtime, misconduct, etc.)
  • Coach and counsel people to ensure improved performance levels
  • Conduct recruitment interviews


Environmental Strategy

  • Conduct ventilation and occupational hygiene strategic planning
  • Monitor and keep up to date with changes to Environmental and other relevant Legislation
  • Develop and update the Strategic Environmental Management Plan
  • Maintain and update the Environmental Management Master Plan

SHEQ Management:

  • Monitor and maintain full compliance and alignment of Business Units to:
    • ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management:

  • Identify Environmental risks and determine the impact they may have on the business
  • Monitor Environmental behaviour in line with expectations
  • Coordinate implementation of Environmental Management Master Plan at the Business Units
  • Facilitate the identification and assessment of Environmental Risks and update the risk register
  • Monitor rehabilitated closed operations
  • Oversee Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s) for all new Business Developments
  • Monitor Environmental compliance of adjoining operations
  • Coordinate Environmental Awareness initiatives (internal and external)
  • Develop and update Environmental training materials

Environmental Incidents:

  • Investigate Environmental Significant Incidents and participate in actual level 2 and 3 and potential level 4 Significant Incident Investigations

Environmental Audits:

  • Conduct internal Environmental Audits and monitor and report closure on Audit findings
  • Coordinate cross-site Environmental Audits

Environmental Reports:

  • Consolidate Group Environmental statistics and information
  • Report on Site Environmental Performance

External and Internal Influences:

  • Identify external SHEQ and Mineral Resources risks and determine the impact they may have on the business
  • Identify and develop systems/processes to address the external risks to ensure continuous improvement at Group level


  • Identify potential external partners for Environmental improvement projects
  • Standardise Environmental management systems and processes across Business Units



  • Degree or National Diploma (Environmental Management)
  • Honours Degree (Environmental Management) (Advantageous)


  • Operating computer systems
  • Monitor the application of safety, health and environmental protection procedures
  • Apply safety, health and environmental protection procedures


  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (OHSA) (as amended) and the responsibilities of management in terms of the Act
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Mines Health and Safety Act, (Act 29 of 1996) and its application
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the NEMA Act, and its application
  • Describe the basic environmental factors of ventilating an underground working place to ensure a safe and healthy working environment
  • Describe the properties of materials found in the workplace and describe their impact on the environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of environmental legislation as it impacts on management of risk
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ISO 14001
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ISO 9001
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ISO 45001QUIREMENTS:


  • Safety Leadership
  • Innovation & Leadership
  • Planning, Organising & Control
  • Results Orientation
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Aligning Performance for Success
  • Communication
  • Change Leadership
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Business Acumen
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