Firefighter Learner 2020/2021

Job Description


• Response to select medical and traumatic emergencies; along with responding to select hospitals, clinics and nursing, to provide inter-facility transfers.

• Provide emergency medical care at the scene, en-route to the hospital and during transportation from facility to facility and emergency medical care as appropriate to the practice of the registered paramedic.

• Transport the patient to the nearest most appropriate medical facility.

• Adheres to the company, local, regional and state guideline regarding patient care.


• Respond to emergency calls.

• Adherence to HPCSA protocols & CPD Compliance.

• Ensure that the vehicle and equipment is ready for use at the beginning of the shift and every call; e.g. appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

• Demonstrates and ensure knowledge, understanding and compliance to Carewell Ambulance policies and procedures. • Perform daily inspection of the base and/or cleanliness.

• Act at all times in the best interest of high quality patient care, in the best interest of the patients, and in such manner to reflect credibly on Carewell Ambulances and reputation of the paramedic. Uphold the Batho Pele Principles.

• Complete all appropriate documentation and record keeping for every assignment.

• Perform duties relate to public relations and community education programs sponsored by Carewell Ambulances.

• Able to work at our remove sites (Mines, Power Station) as required by Carewell Ambulances.

Job Requirements:

QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE • Grade 12 with Intensive Life Support qualification, Fire 1&2 and Hazmat. • Driver’s license code C1 with valid PDRP for passengers; must able to drive. • Current registration with the Professional Board of Emergency care at HPCSA. • With minimum of 2 years’ experience as Intermediate Life Support.

  • Suitable for people with a disability


Job Type:


Company Name:

Carewell Ambulance

Company Location:



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