Samancor: General Worker Oppornities

Purpose of the job:

To manage the maintenance and production processes and to continuously improve current practices, methods, equipment and processes in a safe manner, in order to exceed current production targets and reduce costs to the company


  • Manage SHEQ compliance within the Section through effective use of the Toolbox
  • Utilise the Information Management System (IMS) to initiate, investigate and report SHEQ status


  • Manage the Section:
  • Ensure an enabling climate/culture
  • Manage labour stability by minimising labour turnover
    • Labour complement in line with budget
    • Achieve HDSA/Female targets for the Section
  • Manage performance against set targets and competencies
    • Ensure IDP’s are linked to performance results and implemented as per plan
  • Conduct career discussions and implement actions with all identified talent (quarterly)
  • Ensure discipline is maintained (absenteeism, lateness, overtime, misconduct, etc.)
  • Coach and counsel people to ensure improved performance levels
  • Conduct recruitment interviews



  • Manage Product and Process Quality
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction


Production Management:

  • Accurately forecast, control production & scheduling of production and shutdown work according to the defined production requirements
  • Set and achieve Production Budget
  • Set and achieve Production Quality

Maintenance Management:

  • Jointly define annual Service Level Agreements with plant production personnel.
  • Put systems and controls in place that will ensure that the plant is maintained:
    • at specified performance and within prescribed technical & legal requirements,
    • that will permit a safe and environmentally acceptable operation,
    • and to meet the required production-rated capacity at minimum life cycle costs
  • Define equipment criticality using a risk matrix
  • Define and manage the overall maintenance strategy for the plant

Solve problems and implement solutions:

  • Ensure that outcomes of RCA’s are evaluated for their business case, implemented as applicable and are sustainable
  • Select equipment vendors as per maintenance standards

Work execution:

  • Perform planned job observations
  • Document and review the plant production and maintenance strategies on an annual basis to ensure that it is aligned with the business plan• Ensure strict adherence to production work management principles to obtain maximum plant throughput
  • Ensure strict adherence to the relevant production standards and specifications
  • Ensure strict adherence to maintenance work management principles (percent planned work, adherence to schedule, number of breakdowns, number of proactive requests) to obtain maximum plant availability at minimum maintenance cost per unit produced
  • Manage the Engineering Assets to ensure that they produce at their designed capacity and are periodically refurbished to their original condition to ensure optimal life
  • Ensure strict adherence to the relevant engineering standards and specifications
  • Periodically audit the asset and documentation to obtain maximum standardisation of spares and new plant installations on the site

Work Analysis:

  • Interrogate non-published reports standard
  • Investigate & communicate Commercial Exceptions
  • Follow up warranty claims on component failures on high criticality equipment

Contractor Management:

  • Approve the use of contractor Artisans


  • Manage Continuous Improvement through Operational Excellence
  • Foster a climate of continuous improvement in the production and maintenance teams



  • Prepare and consolidate the production and maintenance budgets
  • Monitor production and maintenance budgets
  • Action variances of actual to planned costs


Minimum qualifications:

  • Relevant BSc Eng / BEng / BTech Eng Mechanical

Additional qualifications:

  • Government Certificate of Competency (GCC)
  • Professional registration with ECSA
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