We are looking for General Workers to take up manual labor tasks and support operations in a manufacturing factory.

One of the most important general worker responsibilities is to collect trash, debris and other waste to keep the site clean and safe. You’ll also get to handle power tools and materials. We’d like you to have include stamina and the ability to lift heavy loads.

You should be able to concentrate on performing your tasks and commit to safety rules. If you fit this description, and you’re also interested in doing tough but important work, we’d like to meet you.

Clean up worksites from hazardous or obsolete material
Handle and transport materials
Use power tools and machinery when needed
Follow instructions from supervisors to perform manual labor tasks (e.g.stacking up goods) Put up warning signs (e.g. cones) for vehicles and passersby
Help with setting up and transferring temporary structures
Report issues with equipment or unsafe conditions
Requirements: Ability to meet the physical demands of the job (standing for long periods of time, lifting heavy loads.) Good hand-eye coordination
Familiarity with power tools and machinery is a plus
Communication and teamwork skills
Commitment to safety rules

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Looking for a versatile person who would assist in all areas of the business.

This would include sales, admin, site management, supervision, basic handyman skills.

Must have a drivers license and preferably own vehicle. Small basic but potential to grow.

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