SHOPRITE | Food Technologist- Quality Assurance 2021

SHOPRITE | Food Technologist- Quality Assurance 2021

Closing Date 2020/10/09
Reference Number SHO200925-2
Job Title Food Technologist: Quality Assurance
Job Type Permanent
Location – Country South Africa
Location – Province Western Cape
Location – Town or City Brackenfell, Cape Town
Purpose of the Job The Shoprite Group is Africa’s largest retailer with over 35 million customers and 2,500 outlets. We have recently renewed our commitment to driving the diversification and growth of our Fresh Foods and Private Label offerings. This is a super exciting growth opportunity for the Shoprite Group as we endeavour to better understand and partner with our customers to meet their needs, build their trust and optimise the potential of our Fresh Foods and Private Label offerings. To achieve the ambitious plans defined by the team, we need highly talented people to join us in playing a key role in shaping the face of our Fresh Foods and Private Label offerings across Africa. The overarching purpose of this role is writing, implementing and managing the QA system within the group as well as advising, monitoring and providing technical food science, food safety, and food technology guidance when needed. The focus is to monitor and assist with food safety, legal and quality compliance. Further to this, the role will include assisting other divisions nationally and in non-RSA, when applicable, with technical food-related issues. There will be a strong need to understand the concepts of food technology/science and microbiology risks in food, as well as the auditing of suppliers and food legislation.
Job Category Food Service
Job Objectives – The purpose of the role is to facilitate and support the Quality Assurance and Control capabilities by building end-to-end QA methodologies and systems to optimise the process and ensure compliance throughout the Shoprite Group of companies and its suppliers, partners and other stakeholders throughout the value chain. – Identify, together with multiple stakeholders, QA risks and opportunities to ensure the right choices are made in line with Shoprite Group standards whilst removing QA barriers and risks to fast-paced delivery of cutting edge innovation that supports profitable sales growth. – Writing, implementing and managing the QA system within the group and empowering others to comply and act as quality stewards throughout the value-chain and respective production processes. – Monitor compliance and ensure that stringent hygiene food safety standards are met and ensure that all developed recipes are compliant with the applicable legislation – Assist with sourced raw material testing: Monitoring the use of additives, Test alternative raw material against a control sample, Test alternative additives in existing formulations, Adjust formulations according to raw material changes, Record results on relevant documentation – Co-create and coordinate the recall procedure to maximise learnings through quality failure assessments and thorough trend analysis. – Responsible for projects and ensuring procedure, protocol, implementation strategy, regulatory issues, reports, etc. are documented and considered Private label product specifications and advising on technical issues. – Accountable for providing QA related information to enable effective decision-making and prioritisation of activities within the Private Label team. – In close collaboration with the rest of the team, ensure that all products and processes have robust QA assessments in place to determine best practice processes (time, cost and quality). – Assist with sourcing from local and international suppliers by completing detailed QA requirements and scorecards and ensuring this is fairly applied during tender process assessments. – Support the overall project networks as required to ensure “on time in full” delivery with regard to launching competitive, consumer-led profitable products by working closely with Development, Production, Buying, Marketing, Technology, R&D, Regulatory & Compliance and Marketing Departments. – Run regular QA sessions with various subject matter experts to generate ideas, drive innovation and find the right solutions for our customers
Qualifications Degree in Food Technology / Science or Microbiology or equivalent degree (essential) ISO, HACCP, GMP and hygiene certificates or as relevant (essential)
Experience Min 3 years experience in a similar Food technologist / Quality Assurance / Food safety role in a Foods FMCG environment (essential) Foods QA orientated exposure to high-risk products (dairy products or frozen meat/fish/poultry or raw meat/fish/poultry or ready to eat/heat foods) (essential) QA orientated exposure to ISO, HACCP, GMP, hygiene and food regulations and standards (essential)
Knowledge and Skills – Self-motivated and driven with strong integrity – take accountability for actions and mistakes. – Inspirational teamwork – a positive team member who serves the team and shows an appreciation for team morale and a healthy happy culture. – Understanding of food and the production process – passionate about being part of the Private Label and Fresh Foods team and playing the required QA role to ensure the highest quality of product delivery and customer satisfaction. – Quality Standards – passionate about high standards and applying these in practice. Creating and managing QA processes, systems, guidelines. – Champion of compliance – zero tolerance to poor quality pertaining to food hygiene and safety, follow company, supplier and government quality and safety standards – Strong relationships – including interpersonal skills and EQ. Display a strong team spirit. Ensure that all individuals, team members, and stakeholders feel valued, motivated and equipped to deliver. – Commercial and financial acumen – basic understanding of the role this plays in the process – Collaborative partnering – build relationships both internally and externally. Open, honest and direct, is comfortable in giving and receiving constructive feedback. Think and act independently as well as collaboratively. – Operational efficiency – Diligently staying on top of the details and understanding how they fit into the big picture. Process-driven and methodical. Using QA to build trust in the SR group product ranges. – Time management – ability to prioritise a high volume of activities simultaneously in a fast-paced unpredictable environment. Identify urgent & important tasks and priorities to ensure delivery. – Innovative and solution-orientated – thinks outside of the box. Sound judgment, quick decision-making and the ability to generate both short and long-term solutions that serve the flow of work and meeting deadlines – replicating best practice through consistent processes and robust quality and compliance checks. – Exceptional communication – approachable, adopt a range of influencing and negotiation styles to facilitate and deal with various scenarios internally and externally.





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