10 SIGNS that a job is probably a SCAM

10 SIGNS that a job is probably a SCAM.

  1. You are asked to pay money. This is the BIGGEST red flag, any job that requires you to pay money, whether in the form of admin fees, background check fees etc. is often a scam.
  2. Dream jobs that sound too good to be true and have exaggerated salaries and benefits.
  3. Very simple job requirements – everyone qualifies to apply.
  4. Getting a job offer immediately after applying.
  5. There is pressure for you to act quickly in accepting the offer. (This is so you don’t get adequate time to research the legitimacy of the job.)
  7. Being asked for personal information upfront e.g. your banking details, identity documents.
  8. Getting a job without an interview or proper screening.
  9. Unprofessional communication. Badly written emails or communicating via whatsapp, text, messenger etc.
  10. Companies using free email addresses (e.g. yahoo and gmail) is usually a red flag though not always.
  11. Little to no information about the company online.
    Any others you have come across?

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