Samancor: Electrician


  • Grade 12 / N3
  • Section 13 Electrical or Millwright Trade Test


  • 3 years relevant (Trackless) experience as an artisan , Sandvik and Aard Mining experience
  • Relevant Maintenance CSAP


  • Safety Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Managing work
  • Results Orientation
  • Work standards
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Contributing to team success



  • Participate and comply with SHEQ Requirements (SHEQ Toolbox)
  • Adhere to the legislated safety, health and environmental standards in every task performed
  • Isolate and lockout with relevant documents
  • Assess and respond to related risks in working areas.


  • Ensure Customer satisfaction
  • Never hand over equipment that is inappropriately maintained
  • Never do a job without receiving authorisation in the form of a notification of a work order.


Work Execution:

  • Perform the job as outlined in the work order and as per the detailed Task list
  • Capture history & complete the notification to the required standard
  • Confirm work order with the correct time and all details to the required standard
  • Provide feedback to the Maintenance Supervisor on any task where there is a difference between the task instruction and the job requirements
  • Communicate if spares, equipment or other factors were not available for the job on the work order and to the Maintenance Supervisor
  • Generate notifications from inspections and subsequent notifications
  • Conduct trade related fault-finding on equipment and machinery based on electrical voltage certificate and on defective equipment where required
  • Apply fault-finding techniques , conduct root cause failure analysis and regular plant inspection
  • Comply with OHSA and MHSA standards , ensure that installation comply with statutory regulations, confirm to safety standard and planned maintenance system requirements
  • Ensure awareness of relevant COP content
  • Complete breakdown work order , create notification , provide feedback and generate orders on the SAP system
  • Adhere to lock out procedure.

Unplanned interventions:

  • Adhere to lock out procedure and risk requirement before work starts
  • Attend to break-down quickly and safely
  • Capture all data related to the stoppage to aid in determining the root cause
  • Assist with electrical lock-outs to another non-electrical discipline person.

Planned interventions:

  • Perform isolation and issue lockout documents
  • Attend to breakdown quickly and safely
  • Record all data related to the stoppage on the works order.

Rotables Management:

  • Change out item
  • Physically transport damaged rotable to lay down area.


  • Communicate ways of improving how the breakdowns was handled to the Maintenance Supervisor.

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