Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Postgraduate Scholarship 2021 – 2022

About The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust

The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust is an endowed trust established in 1958 by Harry Oppenheimer to honour Sir Ernest, his father. The Trust is known to invest in philanthropic causes, particularly education and public interest activities. In 2012, the Oppenheimer family granted another R1 billion to the Trust in its dedication to empowering the South African people.


Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Postgraduate Scholarship 2021

The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis to fund postgraduate studies including master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral courses. The scholarship are of two types:

Scholarship for Postgraduate Local Studies

Awarded to students intending to pursue a master’s, doctoral, or postdoctoral degree relevant to developing the local academy.

Scholarship for Postgraduate International Studies

Open to applicants who are planning to pursue highly specialized postgraduate qualifications in which advanced studies are not available in South Africa. Funding is also accessible to exceptional individuals who at a level where “international tuition under the direction of global leaders in their specific field” is essential to proceed significantly in their chosen expertise.


Scholarship Requirements and Eligibility

In addition to the above-mentioned educational qualifications, applicants must be able to submit the following:

  • A 500-word signed statement describing your
    • Background, academics, personal philosophy, general interests
    • Short to medium term goals
    • Career aspirations
  • An abstract of intended degree, choice of educational institution, programme and duration of the study.
  • Short description of proposed fieldwork, coursework, or dissertation topic including a summary of the intellectual idea that justifies the pursuit of the intended study.
  • Relevance of, and projected significance of the study and how will it broaden present knowledge on such topic.
  • Solid reasons for pursuing the study overseas, including commentary on the unique nature of the programme.
  • Perceived personal benefits, as well as the benefit to the South African academy and the community at large.
  • Name and current designation of supervisor.
  • Proof of admission or registration.
  • An updated CV (must not exceed 3 pages)
  • Most recent 3×4 photo
  • Complete academic records and degree certificates (certified copies)
  • Three (3) referees with name and designation
  • Letter of recommendation or referees’ report
    • Referees’ must be knowledgeable with applicants current achievements, study plans, and work
    • In the position to influence the case for the applicant’s decision to take on international studies
    • Signed letters/reports must be submitted directly to the Trust under a separate and confidential cover
  • Candidates must submit their personal financial status along with a single-page income and expenses budgeting highlighting:
    • The annual estimate of study costs covering tuition, book fees, living allowance, and travel insurance (if applicable)
    • The actual income from all sources including family contributions, savings, scholarship and bursary offers, loans, and estimated income from assistantships or part-time work – clearly distinguish secured funds (attach documentary proof) from funding applied for but pending confirmation or approval
    • Be sure to utilize and attach the budget template to your application


How to Apply and Application Details

  • Submit your application in MS Word format (not PDFs) in four discrete parts, namely
    • Motivation
    • CV
    • Intended study
    • Budget estimates
  • All other documents required by the Trust must be submitted under a different cover and in PDF format

Applications are to be submitted via email to [email protected].


Closing Date

  • For January to March start dates, the deadline is 30 September of the previous year.
  • For April to June start dates, the deadline is 31 of January of the same year.
  • For July to September start dates, the deadline is 31 March of the same year.


Contact Details

For enquiries, contact OMT at [email protected].

1st Floor
No.9 David’s Park
St. David’s Place, Parktown

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