Waste Water Treatment Operator Wanted – Apply Now

Waste Water Treatment Operator Wanted – Apply Now.

Roles and responsibilities

· Performs various water treatment functions including but not limited to;

o Operating and adjusting equipment to ensure optimised performance of the water treatment plants (oil separation, water filtration, DI system, cooling tower).

o Start-up and shut down plant.

o Monitoring and correcting flow rates and chemical dosages.

o Operating the waste water system for optimised operation including replenishing of chemicals, optimizing usages.

o Complete maintenance check sheets and report of deviations identified.

o Conduct safety inspections and conducting of laboratory tests.

· Supports the Engineering team in terms of troubleshooting, repairing and maintenance of water treatment equipment as required.

· Disassembles, overhauls, and rebuilds basic equipment under the supervision of a qualified maintenance personnel.

· Maintains and secures work tools.

· Ensures effluent discharge is within specification.

· Monitors chemicals usage and corrects accordingly.

· Reports over-usage of chemicals and alerts the PPC of Bulk chemicals running out.

· Controls the plant to prevent environmental incidents.

· Turns off and locks out equipment when not in use.

· Communicates with shift supervisors and managers on issues needing their attention.

· Uses production systems and data to support continuous improvement initiatives.

· Conducts quality inspection process and waste water.

· Performs quality assurance checks as required.

· Supports, implements, and conforms to the guidelines of ISO 9001, FSSC 2200 and QAS

· Supports through training attendance and compliance with standards of all quality initiatives.

· Operates production machinery as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Hazard investigation and risk analysis (HIRA).

· Complies with corporate directives and established job safety practices, policies, and procedures for the safe performance of work assignments.

· Supports, implements, and conforms to the guidelines of ISO 14001, ISO 45000, and OHSAS 18001.

· Performs clean-up and housekeeping duties in the WWTP area.

Minimum Requirements

· Grade 12 National Certificate and aNational Diploma in Chemical Engineering.

· 1-2 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry will be advantageous.

· Basic knowledge and understating of water chemistry, filtration, oil separation and effluent management

Job Type: Permanent

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