Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship 2022

Many esteemed institutions in South Africa have been providing bursaries to deserving students to help them secure a career for themselves. Through such programs, the organizations aim to encourage and support the youth of the nation to prosper and take the economy ahead.

One such bursary is the Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship which is provided by SAAFoST in the field of food science and technology. If you are eager to pursue a career in this field then this article will provide you with all the information.


Founded in 1960, the South African Association of Food Science and Technology is located in Cape Town. It has 2000 members and is successfully run by volunteers. The association also has 250 Institution and Custodian members that include major food companies of South Africa.

SAAFoST is a non-profit organization and was started with an aim to increase knowledge in the field of food science and technology.  The organization works towards its goals by publishing scientific papers and articles, encouraging scientific research in the specific field, conducting seminars and workshops, and assisting in educational activities.

About Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship

The SAAFoST Foundation provides 2 scholarships in honor of Professor B H Koeppen, head of the Department of Food Science at Stellenbosch University. The 2 programs under the Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship are a Master’s degree and a doctorate degree.

Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship

Under this bursary program, students can study at the tertiary institutes that the organization specifies and approves.


The Brian Koeppen Memorial scholarship program provides students with an amount of R 35 000. In case students are already under the receipt of another bursary, the Brian Koeppen Memorial scholarship will cover the cost of the study materials, academic seminars, research and study visits, etc.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Those who wish to apply for this bursary program, should fulfill the following eligibility criteria set by the SAAFoST.

  • Students must be a member of the SAAFoST for one year before applying for the bursary
  • One must be a citizen of South Africa or a permanent resident there
  • Students should be nominated for the bursary program by the Department of Food Science of the schools or institutions listed below:
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of Venda
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • University of Free States
  • Students may also be nominated by the Department of Food Technology of the following institutions:
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  • University of Johannesburg
  • Durban University of Technology
  • Tshawane University of Technology
  • A student must have already registered for the relevant postgraduate program one year before the nomination is done
  • The nominations must be made based on the academic performance of the previous degree results
  • All nominations must be supported by progress results approved by the supervisor of the research work conducted
  • The nominations, recommendations, and reports should reach the authority before the closing date.

How to apply?

Students interested in receiving this bursary are required to download and fill up the Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship Application Form.

Along with the application form, students should submit the documents as mentioned by the SAAFoST below.

  • Proof of SAAFoST membership
  • Proof of registration
  • A copy of complete academic records of the nominee
  • Students ID document or proof of residence in South Africa
  • Proof of other financial aid if receiving any
  • An approved report of the research work conducted in the previous year

Students should complete the application form and submit it along with all the documents to the following email address:

[email protected]

Selection Process

The selection is done by the authorized committee for the master’s and doctorate degree on the basis of the following criteria.

  • Academic excellence
  • Research work carried out in the previous year

Closing Date

The last date of application is 15 April 2022

Contact Details

For any queries or information related to the bursary students can contact the authorities on the following:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (031) 368 8000
Postal Address:  Box 4507, Durban, 4000, South Africa

Please do NOT contact SAAFoST if this bursary has already closed. View our other bursaries open for application here:

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