WAAW Foundation Scholarship 2022

About WAAW Foundation

WAAW stands for Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women. As evident from the name, it’s a women-focused foundation that aims to empower women of Africa with education.

The foundation offers education, training, and financial assistance to women who want to pursue a career in STEM or want to take up leadership and become entrepreneurs.

Among the many training opportunities the foundation provides, the well-known ones are:

  • She Hacks Africa Bootcamp
  • Summer STEM Code Camp for Girls
  • STEM Cell College to Secondary Outreach Program
  • STEM Fellows Training Program
  • Academic Scholarships for African College Girls

By 2025, the WAAW Foundation aims to increase the number of African women in the STEM field by 10%.

WAAW is funded by corporate donors and private individual donors from around the world.

WAAW Foundation Scholarship 2022

WAAW Foundation offers scholarships to a certain number of African women who want to make a career in STEM. The students must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics field.

For the academic session 2022, here are the courses accepted for the scholarship program:

  • All computer science fields
  • All Engineering fields
  • Agriculture
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical
  • Zoology
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Geography
  • Statistics

Other courses will also be considered provided they are in the STEM field.

It’s also important to note that certain subjects are not covered for the scholarship. These are:

  • Social Science courses
  • Core Medical courses like Surgery, Nursing, Medicine
  • Art courses

Furthermore, postgraduate students shouldn’t apply for the scholarship as well. It’s only for undergrad students.

The scholarship amount is need-based and can be as much as $500 or approximately R 7,525.

Eligibility Criteria

To select the candidates for the scholarship, WAAW Foundation has laid out specific eligibility criteria. Anyone applying for the scholarship funding should fulfill all of the criteria. Failing to do will result in cancellation of the application.

The eligibility requirements for WAAW Foundation Scholarship 2021-22 are:

  • Must be a female
  • Must be of African origin
  • Must be under the age of 32
  • Must be studying and residing within one of the countries in Africa
  • Must be enrolled in an undergraduate course that’s in the STEM field. It must be within one of the fields of study mentioned above
  • This course must be the first undergraduate degree you’re pursuing, and you shouldn’t hold an undergraduate degree qualification before
  • Must be either in the first or second year of the study program (or third year if you’re pursuing a five-year course)
  • Must be enrolled in an African university that’s recognised
  • Must have a strong academic track record
  • Must be in need of financial assistance
  • Must have proven volunteering and community service experience

Fulfilling all the criteria, however, doesn’t guarantee funding. Preference is given to those categorised as underprivileged. These are female students who are orphaned or impacted by HIV and similar diseases.

How to Apply?

If you meet all the eligibility criteria, move forward with the application process. It’s an online process consisting of four stages. You must complete all of them to apply for the WAAW Foundation Scholarship 2021-22.

First, visit the WAAW Foundation Scholarship Application document.

Then, go through the four stages, which are:

  1. Personal details
  2. Educational background and family details
  3. Essays
  4. References

For the Essays section, you need to write three essays on:

  • Your future goals and how you think the scholarship will help you achieve them (within 500 words)
  • Your thoughts on education among African females and how it impacts the economy and development of Africa (within 300 words)
  • The achievement you’re most proud of (within 500 words)

Along with that, you’d have to write a motivation letter on why you’re the best candidate for this scholarship. Brief on your financial situation, career goals in a maximum of ten sentences.

In the fourth stage, you need to provide two references. Only include their name and contact details.

Once you’re shortlisted, you’d have to further submit the following details:

  • Two references (one from a professor and another from an academic supervisor or mentor) (these must be emailed to WAAW by the referee)
  • Signed and sealed transcript issued by your University (emailed to [email protected])
  • School ID card

Closing  Date

The last date to apply for the WAAW Foundation Scholarship is 12 November 2021 by 1600 hours.

Contact Details

For further details, get in touch with the scholarship provider at:

If the scholarship has already been closed, you are requested not to contact WAAW Foundation. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here: https://allbursaries.co.za/notice/

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