Sewer Pump Station Operator x30-Rand Water

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Job Advert Summary

Position essential for keeping the Sewer Pump Stations in good operation conditions, which includes Operating Pumps, Maintenance of manual screens, Housekeeping, and Inspections. Reporting problems to the Team leader (Supervisor).

Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 10 or NQF Level 1 or Equivalent.
  • Previous Sewer Pump Station experience.
  • Physically and Medically fit.

Primary Duties

  • Signing of the Pump Station Register
  • Record all pump readings (Run Hour Meter)
  • Records sumps level readings
  • Check the inlet valves and outlet valves for the positions; and open the valves that need to be open and close the valves that should be close.
  • Pump Station Daily Inspection
  • Cleaning of the Screens twice a day or as and when required.
  • Cleaning of the Pump blockages as and when required.
  • Record and Report all the fault Equipment
  • Monitor the running Pumps.


  • Basic understanding of Sewer Pump Station.
  • Basic rigging.
  • Basic understanding of valves, pressure and flow principles
  • Safety working procedures


  • Good communication skills (verbal)
  • Good housekeeping skills
  • Able to work under pressure


  • General safety conscious
  • Good working relations
  • Co-operation
  • Willing to work overtime and shift


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