UFS Honours Bursaries 2023

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The UFS, or the University of Free State, has been producing top-notch graduates who have made their mark in several industries for the past 118 years. The college stands out for its comprehensive student assistance programmes, which have helped it to achieve some of the success rates in the nation. A key goal continues to be providing students in high demand in the worldwide job market.

UFS Honors Bursaries 2023

Applications for the UFS Honors Bursaries 2023 are now open for the academic year of 2023 for full-time honors students.

The bursary provides a once-off partial tuition fee coverage. Applicants who qualify will go for compulsory CGS Research Capacity Development workshops.

UFS Honors Bursaries

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the bursary, candidates have to fulfill the following entry requirements, failing which will result in the cancelation of applications:

  • All South African residents and international students can apply.
  • Only full-time honors students can apply.
  • You must have scored at least an average score of 65% in your undergraduate studies.
  • You must have a Matric certificate.
  • You must not have an employment source.
  • You must intend to study as a full-time honors student at the UFS.
  • You must have an excellent academic record.
  • You must not have any other funding like NRF.
  • You should not have any tuition fee remission or staff benefit from the UFS.
  • You must not have any other honors or BTech degree, and you should not pursue any undergraduate degree during the application period.
  • You must not be studying in the second-year honors.
  • You must not receive any previous scholarship funding or awards from UFS or other government programmes.

How to Apply?

You must apply for the UFS Honors Bursaries 2023 by filling out the online application form here.

Please do not submit applications by mail or by post.

Documents Required

For non-UFS undergraduate applicants:

Students must submit all academic records through email at: [email protected] with the words Application for “UFS Honors Funding” and “UFS student” in the subject line.

The academic record should have final marks obtained in percentages and not in symbols. You can request the same from your previous institution.

For UFS undergraduate applicants:

Students do not have to submit their records; the Centre for Graduate Support will access them.

Important Notes

  • UFS does not award bursaries for outstanding debt.
  • It is only a once-off award.
  • Meeting the eligibility criteria does not make sure you get the award.
  • UFS awards bursaries on academic basis.
  • The bursaries are not for undergraduate students and diploma students, such as PGCE or accounting diploma.
  • Your academic record should have your undergraduate qualifications.
  • Candidates who do not have their undergraduate degrees while applying, please get your percentage scores on your records.
  • Put your academic records in pdf format.
  • You must attend CGS workshops if you qualify.

Closing Date

The closing date for the UFS Honors Bursaries 2023 is 15 January 2023. Any applications after this date will not be accepted.

Contact Details

For further inquiries regarding the Bursary programme, please contact:

Contact person: Lindiwe Booi

Email: [email protected]