Fine Music Radio (FMR) Bursary 2023

About Fine Music Radio (FMR)

FMR, Fine Music Radio, is known for the fact that it is the only reason station to broadcast from the Artscape Theatre Complex, a cultural centre. It is also the only station for classical and jazz music.

From classical and jazz to outside broadcasts, intriguing material, and social activities, they are dedicated to providing the finest listening experience possible. The classical music selection is melodious and non-raucous, appealing to a broad range of listeners without sacrificing integrity. FMR’s jazz is a blend of the best mainstream smooth and classic soul, with a blend of contemporary and mainstream jazz.

Fine Music Radio (FMR) Bursary

Fine Music Radio (FMR) Bursary 2022 – 2023

The Fine Music Radio (FMR) Bursary with Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation aims to provide funding to students aiming to study higher qualifications in music and performance arts.

FMR invites students to apply for the FMR bursary in the upcoming academic year. The bursary will be awarded to students pursuing a Music degree or a Diploma in performance.

The categories are:

  • African Music
  • Jazz Vocal/ Instrumental
  • Classical Vocal, and
  • Classical Instrumental.

The FMR Bursary Competition – Rules & Regulations

I – Application:

The first round of the Fine Music Radio (FMR) Bursary Trust Awards will be through a pre-recorded
audition video, after which a final round will be held in the Baxter Concert Hall in May 2023.

The competition is open to South African residents who are currently registered at a tertiary
institution. Proof of academic registration and South African ID must accompany the application
form along with a signed reference letter from your teacher.

The competition consists of four categories:

  • Classical Voice
  • Classical Instrumental
  • Jazz Vocal/Instrumental
  • African Music

The closing date is 31 March 2023.

II – Preliminary Round:

Preliminary round performances must be presented for adjudication as pre-recorded videos, to be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted. The link should be included in your application.

Should you have any problems uploading a video to YouTube, please contact [email protected].

A maximum of three applicants from each category will be chosen for the final round.

III – Final Round:

The final rounds will be held in the Baxter Concert Hall in May 2023.

  • Classical: Wednesday 10 May 6.30 pm
  • Jazz/African: Saturday 13 May: 6.30 pm

Competitors acknowledge and agree that the FMR Bursary Trust Competition shall be entitled to record and use any of the performances in the competition at their discretion.

The final round will be broadcast by Fine Music Radio and the competitors will each receive a copy of the broadcast for their own non-commercial use.

Competitors chosen for the final round will need to supply FMR with full details including names and instruments of ensemble/ accompanist by 2 May 2023.

Competitors who exceed their allotted time may be required to halt their performance at the jury’s discretion.

IV – Adjudication:

All decisions of the adjudication panel are final and no appeal will be considered.

No feedback from the adjudication panel will be made available until after the final round of the competition.

The preliminary and final rounds are adjudicated independently (i.e. performance scoring is not cumulative.)

Adjudication criteria will include general presentation and balanced programme compilation. In addition, for the jazz and African categories marks may also be given towards the instrumentation and arrangement of the pieces, as well as leadership within the ensemble.

V – Repertoire:

Competitors are required to produce a programme of no more than 15 minutes duration. This should include at least two pieces of contrasting style.

  • For the Classical Vocal category there should be at least one opera aria and one art song.
  • For the African Music category, competitors must show skill on at least two instruments, one of which can be voice.

Competitors should repeat the works from the preliminary round in the final, but changes in repertoire may be allowed if submitted before 1 May 2023.

For all categories, the backline ensemble should not exceed four persons.

VI – Video submission requirements:

The preliminary rounds are conducted by review of videos submitted online.

The videos must be recorded in landscape orientation, at a resolution of 720p or higher, with clear audio and video.

The video should begin with the competitor stating their name and full list of works performed, including title and composer/arranger.

The video must be uploaded to YouTube (unlisted) with the title “FMR Bursary Trust”– competitor’s name – and category.

In the description of the video, the competitor must include the names of the works and composers.

Eligibility Criteria For The Bursary

You must satisfy the following criteria to be accepted for the bursary programme.

  • Applicant must be a South African citizen with proper residence proof
  • The applicants must be living in South Africa
  • The candidate must be enrolled in an accredited and recognized tertiary educational institution in South Africa

How To Apply?

To apply for the Fine Music Radio (FMR) Bursary 2023, fill out the online application form.

Documents Required

You must submit the following documents while applying for the bursary programme.

  • Registration proof at an accredited and recognized tertiary educational institution in South Africa, on the letterhead of the institution
  • References from teachers with their name, signature and contact number
  • A short 300-word biography
  • A motivational letter explaining your future plans and what you will be doing with the bursary fund
  • Complete program details that include arranger, composers, accompaniment, and instrumentation.
  • Links to your unlisted Youtube videos following the rules and regulations as mentioned in the bursary guidelines. Here, note that:
    – the video length must be up to 15 minutes and it must be high-quality
    – the video resolution must be higher than 720p recorded with clear audio and landscape orientation
    – the video must begin with the competitor saying their name and complete list of work including title, arranger or composer
    – upload the video on YouTube as unlisted and add the video title as “FMR Bursary Trust” – name of the competitor and category
    – include the competitor’s name and their composers and works in the video description

Closing Date

The closing date for Fine Music Radio (FMR) Bursary 2023 is 31 March 2023. Applications submitted past the given deadline will be rejected immediately.

Contact Details

For any queries regarding the bursary programme, applicants can directly contact Fine Music Radio (FMR) at:

Email: [email protected]

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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