Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund Bursary 2024 – 2025

About Legal Practitioner Fidelity Fund (LPFF)

Also known as Attorneys Fidelity Fund or AFF (its former name), the Legal Practitioner Fidelity Fund is a fidelity guarantee fund. In South Africa, it works towards safeguarding the general public from loss by theft of trust funds. So if you worked with an attorney and suffered a loss because of theft, either monetary or property, because of the attorney’s actions, you can claim reimbursement through the AFF.

This allows the public to take help from legal practitioners with confidence without worrying about financial liabilities later down the road.

Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund Bursary

Besides covering financial liabilities for the general public, the fund also offers bursaries to certain students every year. It provides financial assistance to undergrad and postgrad students.

For undergraduate students, the LPFF bursary will cover the final two years of the LLB program. So students in their 2nd year can request financial assistance from the fund to cover the expenses for the 3rd and 4th years. Students in their 3rd year and receive funding for their final year.

The postgraduate students can apply for the scholarship to improve their practitioners’ professional qualifications. The bursary is awarded for a period of two years, with the maximum value being R 8000 per year.

The coverage amount is determined on a case-by-case basis. The Board of Control reviews each application and selects certain candidates. Please note that the scholarship will only cover the tuition fees.

The selected candidates will be notified soon after the bursary’s closing date.

Eligibility Criteria

To select the candidates for the bursary, there are specific eligibility criteria. As an applicant, you must cross-check these requirements before applying. Failing to meet any of the requirements will lead to rejection.

The eligibility criteria for LPFF bursary are:

  • Must be a South African citizen or a permanent resident
  • Must have completed Matric
  • Must be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in a legal domain like B Comm (law), BA (law), B Proc/B luris. In the case of an LLB, they should have completed the first two years of the four-year program
  • Must be in the second year or third year of study
  • The university must be recognized

For postgrad students, they need to be a practicing attorneys at a law firm or a candidate attorney. Along with that, they must be studying at a recognized university.

Students who can demonstrate dire financial need will be preferred. Along with that, students will excellent academic records are also given preference.

The final decision as to whom to grant the bursary depends on the Board of Control.

How to Apply?

If you meet all the eligibility requirements, you can move forward with the application process. While it is simple, you need to be diligent to avoid rejection. Since the board receives thousands of applicants, it may not give you a chance to rectify your errors if you make them.

Here are the steps involved in applying for The LPFF bursary:

  • Complete the Application Form

First, you need to download and complete the LPFF Bursary Application form. There’s a separate form for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • Fidelity Fund Undergraduate Bursary Application Form 2024/2025
  • Fidelity Fund Postgraduate Bursary Application Form 2024/2025

So download the appropriate form from the above or official website. You can also request the forms by emailing [email protected] and [email protected] for undergrad and postgrad students, respectively.

When completing the form, follow the instructions.

  • Gather Necessary Documents

The next step is to prepare the necessary documents. These are required to process your application.

For undergrad students, the documents necessary are:

  • Passport size photographs (to be attached with the application)
  • South African government-issued ID cards
  • South African permanent resident record
  • Academic record transcript which should include results of 2021 semester 1
  • Testimonial obtained from Dean of Faculty of Law
  • Documents of other bursaries you might be using

For postgraduate students, the documents necessary are:

  • Passport-sized Photograph (to be attached to the application form)
  • South Africa ID document OR South African permanent residence (certified copy)
  • Academic record official transcript, including results for semester 1 (on institutes letterhead)
  • Completed degree and complete academic record (on institutes letterhead)
  • Salary advice slip
  • Testimonial by the Dean of your Faculty of Law (must refer to your academic record, and if in serious financial need, testify as to your ability to complete the LLB degree within the prescribed period)
  • Full details of any other bursary, grant or financial assistance you have received

Once you’ve prepared the application and gathered the necessary documents, you need to mail everything to the following address:

Bursary Coordinator
Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund
P O Box 3062
Cape Town

For Hand Delivery, use the following address:

Mr. Shawn Africa
Bursary Coordinator
Attorneys Fidelity Fund
5th Floor Waalburg Building
28 Wale Street
Cape Town – 8001

Closing Date

The last date to send in the application is 15 August 2023.

Contact Details

For further information, you can get in touch with Shawn Africa, the bursary coordinator.

Contact Person: Shawn Africa (Bursary Co-Ordinator)
The telephone number is 021 424 4608
The Fax number is 086 434 7299
Email address is [email protected]

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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