Compliance & Risk Specialist X2 Posts at Transnet

Compliance & Risk Specialist X2 Posts at Transnet

Compliance & Risk Specialist X2 Posts at Transnet

To ensure compliance to TNPAs Risk & Control Frameworks and enable the Division’s SCM to meet its objectives and obligations in a way that does not expose the organisation to adverse risks. Entrench a standardised risk management framework based on the Control Self-Assessment (CSA) methodology.

Disseminate information and conduct training on Risk & Control Frameworks to Supply Management stakeholders and end-users as required.

Position outputs:

  1. Supply Chain Compliance and Risk Framework Alignment:
  2. Develop controls to address adherence to relevant legislation, management of identified risks and ensure that Supply Chain Management (SCM) controls such as Business Critical Controls (BCCs) operate effectively;
  3. Develop, maintain and update compliance related frameworks processes and procedures for implementation across the Divisions Supply Chain Management;
  4. Maintain a comprehensive Compliance Manual that addresses compliance risks to which TNPA SCM is exposed, objectives and aspects of applicable compliance laws, rules and standards; and
  5. Efficient monitoring of business-critical controls, by reviewing risks and ensuring that process owners mitigate process risks.
  6. Manage key stakeholder relationships:
  7. Communicate the objectives of compliance and risk management frameworks to internal and external SCM stakeholders;
  8. Assist and advise on the development of training and awareness material and conduct training on compliance and risk management frameworks to Supply Chain Management stakeholders and end-users as required;
  9. Disseminate relevant compliance laws, rules and standards information throughout SCM;
  10. Embed the risk awareness culture within TNPA SCM; and
  11. Co-ordinate interfaces and assist with stakeholder management for regulatory and supervisory bodies, as appropriate in conjunction with TNPA’s Compliance.
  • Provide compliance and risk management support in Supply Chain:
  • Monitor the Division’s compliance to Transnet’s Supply Chain policy, governance, compliance and risk management frameworks;
  • Provide training in order to promote compliance to SCM processes and reduce audit findings;
  • To manage Enterprise Risk Management in SCM by ensuring that SCM manages risks related to the achievement of business objectives;
  • Identifying, analysing, evaluating, and reviewing TNPA SCM’s business risks, assessing their impact and probability, assigning risk owners and defining treatment actions to address the risks and monitoring implementation progress;
  • Updating TNPA’s SCM risk register, disseminate a log of supply chain risks to relevant functions in port’s, and report on these;
  • Provide formal & informal support on compliance and risk management to SCM throughout the Division to embed controls to roles & responsibilities to their daily activities;
  • Coordinate with Supply Chain Management to ensure that established processes comply with applicable legislation;
  • Evaluate supplier performance management practices to minimize risk.
  • Research and advise SCM of changes to be implemented relating to compliance laws, rules and standards, as well as international developments in compliance and the applicability; thereof in terms of requirements set for leading practices, impacting on the SCM function;
  • Assist and advise on the development of compliance processes, policies and systems that address compliance laws, rules and standards, as well as the integration thereof into SCM operational procedure manuals
  • Liaise with Internal & External Audits and monitor BCCs & CSA compliance;
  • To monitor Internal controls and ensure operational effectiveness of financial as well as operational controls within Supply Management.
  • Analyse and investigate process internal & external audits; resolve and mitigate findings across SCM.
    • Enhancement of controls and re-engineering of processes;
    • Assist corporate governance and Transnet Internal Audit (TIA) with ail necessary information required in forensic activities;
    • Input into reporting, as well as the formulation of performance indicators and metrics
  • Compliance and Risk monitoring and reporting:
    • Adhere to reporting templates and timelines and ensure that all reporting requirements are met;
    • Collate and consolidate regular reports on compliance and risk for the Division’s SCM;
    • Analyse and report on performance pertaining to supply chain management compliance and risk management within the Division structures;
    • Highlight achievement of compliance and risk mitigation targets on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis;

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Commercial or Legal)
  • Post-graduate Commercial or Legal degree, added as an Advantage.
  • 5 years’ experience in the audit, corporate governance, compliance or a risk management profession within a Supply Chain or similar environment.


Detailed knowledge of the PPM to Supply Chain Management; PPPFA, PFMA and BBBEE

In depth knowledge of Transnet Group Compliance Framework Thorough insight of the regulatory universe; Awareness of the Transnet Enterprise Management Policy and The Enterprise management Strategy & framework description; Advanced reporting, communication, presentation, organization and negotiation skills for management processes and projects; and Relevant experience in Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain quality.

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