Call Centre Head/Head of Sales required urgently: Apply Now

Call Centre Head/Head of Sales required urgently: Apply Now


The purpose of the job is to ensure the delivery of great quality sales calls whilst ensuring that performance on all campaigns is maximized and that the Clients objectives are met as required. The incumbent(s) will need to manage and lead the activities of the Senior Sales Leaders in order to make certain that they consistently achieve and exceed the targets of their key performance areas whilst ensuring that the Call Centre is operationally efficient. It is an operational requirement of the position that the incumbent(s) is a Key Individual (KI) for the company.


The responsibility of the Call Centre Sales Head is not exhaustive and may change from time-to-time as decided by Management. Strategic
Develop and Manage Sales Strategy
o Develop the Sales Strategy with the Group CEO to fit the Strategy of the Business as relevant;
o Implement and ensure compliance with the Strategy while maximising performance.


Ensure the Delivery of Great Quality Sales calls

o Drive good foundations across all calls;
o Achieve the relevant KPIS, such as Leads/ hr, Completes/hr & Sales/hr targets for all campaigns;
o Ensure compliance in terms of sales, tone, manner and legal requirements;
o Focus on reducing pendings to below client’s targets;
o Constant improvement of call quality;
o Ensure all scripting is fit for purpose and aligned to the campaign ITO benefits, presentation, closing, objection handling and compliance.

Drive sales performance to reach and exceed clients targets

o Monitor the daily productivity of the Call Centre;
o Set monthly targets for KPAs such as RPCs, Sales Ratio & Response rates, Ave premium, CI/hr and BI/hr per campaign – with the aim of exceeding clients requirements, where relevant;
o Achieve the minimum total CC hours and average hours per SC;
o Ensure consistent improvement in performance in order to achieve & exceed BI targets ;
o Design and implement fit for purpose incentive campaigns and programs.

Lead Senior Sales Leaders

o Allocation of campaigns to the Sales Teams;
o Assume accountability for the structure of the Sales Team and growth plans;
o Ensure rigorous and consistent Performance Management is conducted across Sales Teams;
o Alignment of coaching of the Sales Team;
o Motivate, instil and uphold the values of the company;
o Maintain a pipeline of future SSLs and SLs and ensure all are developed accordingly.

Ensure efficient operations

o Reduce and maintain staff turnover below targets;
o Reduce and maintain absenteeism below targets;
o Maintain correct number of SCs and Teams to meet lead volume demand;
o Identify recruitment and training needs within the Call Centre.

Report back to the CEO on a regular basis on KPA’s.


  • Matric
  • Computer Literate
  • FAIS compliant and a Key Individual (KI)
  • Deep understanding of, and experience in managing large sales teams, preferably in call centre environment
  • Good knowledge of call centre processes, procedures and reporting methods
  • Understanding of all company policies and procedures
  • Good managerial skills
  • Excellent understanding of the business strategy
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to cope well under pressure
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
  • Good time management
  • Strong leadership ability
  • Able to constantly motivate the sales floor

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