Necsa Apprenticeship 2024-2027

The Necsa Learning Academy (NLA) is offering a golden opportunity through its Necsa Apprenticeship Programme for 2024-2027. This initiative aims to empower youth by providing essential skills and training in various trades, ensuring a brighter future for participants. Read on to discover how you can be a part of this transformative journey.

Necsa Apprenticeship Overview

  • Company: Nesca
  • Location: Various Locations
  • Closing date: 17 July 2024

About Necsa Learning Academy

Necsa Learning Academy (NLA) is a nationally recognized and accredited skills development provider, specializing in professional and technical skills development. NLA is committed to empowering the youth of South Africa by offering comprehensive apprenticeship programs that equip learners with the necessary skills to excel in various trades.

Available Necsa Apprenticeship Opportunities

NLA invites applications for the following Occupational Certificates/Trades:

  • OC: Boilermaker
  • OC: Electrician
  • OC: Fitter & Turner
  • OC: Welder
  • OC: Instrumentation
  • OC: Mechanical Fitter
  • OC: Toolmaker
  • OC: Millwright
  • OC: Turner Machinist

Minimum Requirements

To qualify for these Nesca Apprenticeship opportunities, applicants must meet one of the following educational requirements:

  • NQF Level 1 (Grade 9), or
  • N2-6 with 4 subjects including relevant trade theory, or
  • Technical Matric with Maths, Science, and relevant trade theory, or
  • NCV Level 3/4 Engineering Certificate with 7 subjects including relevant trade theory.

Skills and Competencies

In addition to the educational qualifications, applicants must also:

  • Possess technical knowledge.
  • Be able to work effectively in a team.
  • Successfully complete screening protocols, including medical fitness, security clearance, qualification verification, and technical assessments.

Benefits of the Necsa Apprenticeship Programme

  • Accommodation: Provided for all successful candidates.
  • Stipend: A monthly stipend will be provided for the duration of the apprenticeship.
  • Training: Both formal and on-the-job training will be offered.

Reference Numbers and Email Subject Lines

Applicants must use the appropriate reference numbers and email subject lines based on their province and the trade they are applying for. Here are the reference numbers for different trades across various provinces:

Mechanical Trades

Province OC: Fitter & Turner OC: Mechanical Fitter OC: Turner Machinist OC: Toolmaker
Eastern Cape fitt&turnec2024 mechfittec2024 metmachec2024 toolmakec2024
Free State fitt&turnfs2024 mechfittfs2024 metmachfs2024 toolmakfs2024
KwaZulu-Natal fitt&turnkzn2024 mechfittkzn2024 metmachkzn2024 toolmakkzn2024
Limpopo fitt&turnlimp2024 mechfittlimp2024 metmachlimp2024 toolmaklimp2024
Mpumalanga fitt&turnmp2024 mechfittmp2024 metmachmp2024 toolmakmp2024
Northern Cape fitt&turnnc2024 mechfittnc2024 metmachnc2024 toolmaknc2024
North West fitt&turnnw2024 mechfittnw2024 metmachnw2024 toolmaknw2024

Electrical Trades

Province OC: Electrician OC: Instrumentation OC: Millwright
Eastern Cape electricec2024 instruec2024 millwrec2024
Free State electricfs2024 instrufs2024 millwrfs2024
KwaZulu-Natal electrickzn2024 instrukzn2024 millwrkzn2024
Limpopo electriclimp2024 instrulimp2024 millwrlimp2024
Mpumalanga electricmp2024 instrump2024 millwrmp2024
Northern Cape electricnc2024 instrunc2024 millwrnc2024
North West electricnw2024 instrunw2024 millwrnw2024

Fabrication Trades

Province OC: Welder OC: Boilermaker
Eastern Cape weldec2024 boilermakec2024
Free State weldfs2024 boilermakfs2024
KwaZulu-Natal weldkzn2024 boilermakkzn2024
Limpopo weldlimp2024 boilermaklimp2024
Mpumalanga weldmp2024 boilermakmp2024
Northern Cape weldnc2024 boilermaknc2024
North West weldnw2024 boilermaknw2024

How to Apply

Candidates must include the following in their applications:

  • A certified copy of their identity document.
  • Certified copies of educational certificates.
  • Proof of residence.
  • A completed application form.

Interested applicants must submit their applications via email to [email protected].

No hand deliveries will be accepted. Ensure to clearly indicate the trade and province reference number in your email subject line.

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Additional Information

  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Nationality: Only South African citizens are eligible.
  • Disability: People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
  • Screening: Successful candidates will undergo medical, security, and qualification screenings.

Contact Information

For any queries regarding the application process, contact:

  • 012 305 3304
  • 012 305 3328
  • 012 305 3901

The Necsa Learning Academy’s Apprenticeship Programme is an excellent opportunity for South African youth to gain valuable skills and start a rewarding career. Don’t miss this chance to shape your future with hands-on training and professional development. Apply today and take the first step towards a successful career!

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