Directorate: Works Construction and Maintenance Regional Offices

SALARY: R190 653 per annum A basic salary (OSD)

CENTRE: Mangaung Region (X8 Posts)

Carpentry Ref No: PWI 20/19 (X2 Posts)

Bricklaying Ref No: PWI 20/20 (X2 Posts)

Welding Ref No: PWI 20/21 (X1 Post)

Tiling & Plastering Ref No: PWI 20/22 (X2 Posts)

Mechanical Ref No: PWI 20/23 (X1 Post)

Lejweleputswa/ Fezile Dabi Region (X6 Posts)

Plumbing Ref No: PWI 20/24 (X1 Post)

Carpentry Ref No: PWI 20/25 (X1 Post)

Bricklaying Ref No: PWI 20/26 (X2 Posts)

Electrical Ref No: PWI 20/27 (X1 Post)

Welding Ref No: PWI 20/28 (X1 Post)

REQUIREMENTS: A completed Apprenticeship and passed Trade Test in terms of the provisions of Section 13(2) (h) of the Manpower Training Act of 1981, as amended or a Certificate issued under the Provision of the Repealed Section 27 of the same Act. Knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993) (OHS Act).

DUTIES: Render technical, production, operation, and maintenance services. Implement according to client specification and within limits of production capability. Quality assurance of produced objects within the ambit of the specific trade the incumbent is required to render production and maintenance services to Inspect equipment and/or facilities for technical faults. Repair equipment and facilities according to standards. Test repair equipment and/or facilities against specifications. Service equipment and/or facilities according to schedule. Quality assures serviced and maintained equipment and/or facilities. Perform administrative and related functions: Compile and submit reports. Provide inputs to the operational plan. Keep and maintain job record/register. Supervise and mentor staff. Maintain expertise: Continuous individual development to keep up with technologies and procedures.

ENQUIRIES: Mr. T Khumalo, Tel No: (051) 403 7850

CLOSING DATE: 30 November 2020

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Dept of Sport, Arts and Culture| Graduate Internship (30 POSTS)