Available bursaries for 2019

Studying at a tertiary level is a privilege not everyone is afforded but luckily there are places where your being financially needy and academically strong make very deserving of funding. Career Wise is a place that specializes in education funding, this means everything from bursaries, scholarships, education trusts and skills development with a focus of further studies. We have funding opportunities available that make the university dream a reality if you are a deserving candidate.

There is a plethora of information online about ways of getting through university but only a handful of the sites that you end up on will give you the relevant information with regarding the funding and support aspect for university. At Career Wise we have both funding and support available to unlock your dreams while you are studying at a tertiary level.  There are different ways of funding your studies at tertiary, but we are particularly passionate about the recruitment & selection for bursaries and scholarships, administration and enforcement of contracts, policy creation and reporting. Online applications have become a part of our lives as we get more digital and Career Wise isn’t any different. Please read our blog post of how to apply for a bursary or a scholarship to get insights where to start. Applying for a bursary of scholarship online is a sure way of getting the funding record started and since we have different options available we suggest reading up on the details of each. All the requirements and expectations are clearly communicated but it’s worthwhile to know what you qualify to study, knowing which institution offer what you would like to study, researching where the institutions are based and lastly knowing different options for support.

In keeping with the modern world, we have reviewed 2 applications that aid you in getting things started. First was Levelsapp, where you ca get all the relevant information about your choice of study and the institutions that offer the course. Lastly was Quillo, an online 2nd hand textbook marketplace (i.e. platform) at any institution. The funding options available at Career Wise are varied but the here are a few examples to help you get closer to the university dream:

Make sure you read carefully about the course you would like to study, the institutions that offers it and your obligations. Apply on the Career Wise platform and see our support through till you an economically active graduate.

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