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SAAFoST Aubrey Parsons Study Grant 2022

About SAAFoST The South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST) is a non-profit organisation established with the vision of – advancing food science technology, providing opportunities for professional development and spreading and gaining knowledge on scientific information related to food. SAAFoST achieves these goals by partaking in research and producing award-winning research papers… Read More »

Nestlé Future Talent Bursary 2022

Bursaries are a great initiative to encourage aspiring students to achieve their academic goals. Students who have a keen interest in pursuing their careers but do not have sufficient means can benefit from bursaries. One such bursary that supports talented individuals to take up their dream careers is the Nestle Future Talent Bursary. About Nestle… Read More »

SACTA NPC Bursary 2022

About SACTA SACTA stands for South African Cultivar and Technology Agency and is a central institution. The agency is responsible for administering breeding levies for a variety of oilseed crops and all self-pollinated grain. The crops include wheat, soybeans, barley, and canola. The agency also works on the latest seed technology to help the farmers… Read More »

SAAFoST Undergraduate Bursary 2022

About SAAFoST SAAFoST, or the South African Association for Food Science and Technology, is a national organization that works towards the development of food science in the country. It encourages and facilitates scientific research in food science. The knowledge is then shared across the country’s food industry via publications, email newsletters, and magazines. Founded in… Read More »