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Council for Geoscience (CGS) Bursary 2022

About Council of Geoscience Council of Geoscience or CGS is a National Science Council in South Africa that aims to promote and assist researchers in the field of Geoscience or earth science. It came into existence after the passing of The Geoscience Act, Act No. 100 of 1993, replacing the Geological Survey of South Africa.… Read More »

Golder Engineering Bursary 2022

About Golder Golder Associates Inc., or simply branded as Golder, is a Canadian company that offers consulting, construction, and design services to clients all around the world. The company has an established presence in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. In Africa, Golder has its offices in South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Mozambique, and… Read More »