DBSA: Graduate / Internship Programme 2021

Closing Date: 19 March 2021
Location: Midrand, Johannesburg

The programme will be open to graduates who have completed their final year degree or a post-graduate qualification in one of the following specialisations:

  • Marketing / Communications / Journalism / Media Studies
  • Business Studies / Continuity Management / Strategy / Risk Management / Supply Chain Management
  • Economics / Development Finance / GIS / Econometrics
  • Finance / Accounting / CA(SA) / CFA
  • Social Sciences / Environmental Science / Sustainability / Gender / Developmental Studies / Innovation
  • Quantitative Surveying / Engineering / Information Technology / Mathematics / Informatics / Statistics
  • Human Resources / Organisational Development / Change Management
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

DBSA Graduate Programme – General

  •  Participate in all engagements required during the young talent programme as determined and scheduled by the Young Talent leadership team.
  •  Contribute, participate and deliver on projects as determined by line management and the Young Talent programme.
  •  Attend and actively participate in all scheduled training as part of the Young Talent programme and / or learning and development initiatives deemed necessary to advance your knowledge / skills (in conjunction with your line manager).
  •  Participate in any campus activation / career fairs / presentations in the promotion of the DBSA graduate programme.

Assignment Outputs

  •  Undertake all aspects of task planning, delivery, and execution.
  •  Clarify learning outcomes at the beginning of each assignment.
  •  Deliver assigned work to the required standard of execution and expected quality, as set out by the line manager.
  •  Meet task / project deadlines set by line management and take full accountability for delivery against established business goals / objectives.
  •  Communicate effectively with all identified stakeholders.
  •  Provide regular progress update to the line manager on assigned tasks / projects.
  •  Solicit regular feedback on outputs, performance and progress during the programme.
  •  Keep up to date with new developments in the assigned environment through research and make recommendations to management on where and how new technologies and methodologies can be applied.
  •  Present learnings at the end of each assignment during the course of the programme (or at predetermined intervals during the course of the programme. The feedback should be well thought through, articulated and presented to line management.
  •  Develop an individual performance plan with input from line manager in order to monitor and review learning progress and form part of the formal performance appraisal discussions.

Engage proactively with assigned Mentor to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

How to Apply

Apply Online for the DBSA Graduate / Internship Programme