Each Provincial Government in South Africa offers a Provincial Government Bursary Programme. These Government bursaries are rare, so it’s advisable to apply for these opportunities at the earliest convenience. What […]

  • Transnet Jobs

    Executive Secretary Manage and maintain the executive’s schedule with due consideration of divisional and executive management meetings and relevant events, demonstrating an awareness and understanding of business priorities and issues. […]

  • How to pass your learners test

    Getting your drivers license is a right of passage and it is essential if you plan to buy your own car some day, or drive your parents and friends cars […]

  • Where to Upgrade your Matric Subjects in South Africa

    upgrade matric

    Matric is one of the most important milestones in everyone’s life. It is a rite of passage just as turning 18 and getting your driver’s license (all of which usually […]

  • Nedbank Student Loan

    Nedbank student loan

    ABOUT THE NEDBANK STUDY LOAN The Nedbank student loan will cover tuition fees, textbooks, on campus accommodation and various other study-related equipment. PAYING BACK THE STUDY LOAN Nedbank offer flexible repayment […]

  • Heres A List Of South Africa Universities

    South Africa Universities

    Are you looking for the contact details of a specific South Africa Universities within your province? Or maybe you would like a quick reference as to the faculties offered by various […]

  • The Top 8 Universities in South Africa

    Universities in South Africa

    Despite the nationwide #FeesMustFall protest action at South African universities in 2015 and 2016, South African Universities are still ranked as the best universities in Africa and some are ranked […]

  • Things You Can Do If You Didn’t Get Into University


    QUALIFY Maybe the marks you got in matric weren’t good enough to qualify for a tertiary education. You may opt to rewrite some of the subjects early in the following […]

  • Extended NSFAS Grant Application Process for Unisa students

    unisa nsfas application

    What does this mean? If you are a first-time entering student, and your application for the 2018 NSFAS funding is approved, NSFAS will pay your 2018 student fees to Unisa. If […]


    nsfas status

    If you’ve applied for funding from NSFAS, they’ve probably told you what the status of your application is. But that can be quite confusing, and doesn’t always make clear what […]