Educational App Review: LevelsApp

It has been a busy period here at Career Wise and for all of our students. With another successful year drawing to a close, we thought we would give you a few last blog posts to keep you informed and inspired for 2019. 

Over the next 3 weeks we will be taking a closer look at a few innovative mobile and web-based applications that are useful for current and aspiring students. This week we will be looking at LevelsApp, a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to apply to university and needs to find out what courses are available based on your subjects, results and location.

For anyone who has done research on what course to study at university, you’ll know that it can be a time-consuming and quite daunting process. First you need to think about which institutions you would like to attend based on your study preference and location. Then you have to visit their websites and decide your course of study from a never-ending list of possibilities taking your subject choice and results into account. Enter LevelsApp, the one-stop app that gives you all the info you need to find the right degree and institution for you.

Developed by a senior lecturer at UNISA, LevelsApp was recently nominated as a finalist in the Southern African Start-up Awards and it’s easy to see why. Easy to use on both mobile and computer, LevelsApp allows secondary school learners and anyone interested in applying to university, to find out which courses you are eligible to study at institutions across South Africa according to your subjects and results. Once you have created an account and logged in, the app helps you through the process of setting up your profile with simple, user-friendly mini-tutorials that guide you around the site and prompt you to enter the required information. As well as your basic information, you are prompted to enter your school subjects and results and this information is used to automatically calculate your Admissions Points Score (APS). You are also prompted to enter your favourite and least favourite subjects and, finally, you can enter your faculties of interest and the specialisations within those faculties.

Based on your unique subject choice, results and areas of interest, LevelsApp then works its magic and collates a list of suggested programmes that are suitable for you. You also have the ability to search different courses based on qualification, institution and geolocation. The app then gives you detailed information about each course including faculty, duration, NBT requirement, and fee information. One of the best features of LevelsApp is that it also provides a link to the application page of the particular institution you are interested in, which means you can seamlessly switch to the relevant page without needing to change browser windows or switch to your browser app. Finally, the app also includes a ‘Network’ feature, where you can link up with fellow students on the app and receive messages and notifications.

Technology is constantly making our lives simpler and applying for university is no exception thanks to LevelsApp. It’s an easy, convenient way to make an informed decision about your studies and your future. And best of all, it saves you time and data! Visit the website today The app will be available for download from the AppStore for iOS and Google PlayStore for Android in the 2019 academic year and so you can take your future into your own hands!


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