Stats SA Internship


Stats SA provides scientific knowledge that enables society to understand complex socioeconomic phenomena. It draws its mandate from the Statistics Law of 1999 (Law No. 6 of 1999). Stats SA strives to excel in the following five competencies: ● Intellectual capacity to lead the scientific work of statistics ● Technological competence for large-scale processing purposes and for complex calculations and accessibility of information to the public ● Logistics competence for deployment of (forward and reverse) logistics of large-scale field operations and for strategic choices regarding operational efficiency and profitability ● Political competence to understand the political environment without being politicized or politicized (delivery commitment without fear or favour) putting it all together.

Stats SA offers a two-year internship in the following fields of study for 2022/23


To qualify for the internship program, you must:

Be an unemployed graduate between the ages of 20 and 35
Must be a South African citizen
Not having participated in an internship in public service
Stipend: R74,099 per year

Field Rating Station and Reference Number
Statistics Economics/Econometrics/Statistics/Social Sciences/Mathematical Statistics/Demography Headquarters – 01/08/22HO
Gauteng – 08/02/22GP

North Cape -03/08/22NC

Business Economics/Management Business Economics/Business Management Headquarters – 04/08/22HO


Population Studies/Demography/Statistics/Development Studies Headquarters – 05/08/22HO
Geography Geography/Geomatics/GIS/Environmental Studies Headquarters – 06/08/22HO
Information Communication Technology Information Technology/Computer Science/Financial Information Systems/Programming/Software Development/Networks Head Office – 08/07/22 HO
Logistics/supply chain management

Supply Chain Management/Purchasing Management Headquarters – 08/08/22 HO
North Cape – 09/08/22NC

Economics Economics/Econometrics/Statistics/Accounting/Finance Central Office – 08/10/22HO
Gauteng – 08/11/22GP

Human Resources Management Human Resources Directorate/Industrial Psychology Central Office – 08/12/22HO
North Cape – 08/13/22NC

Finance (Accounting) Financial Management/Accounting Sciences/Accounting/ Costs and Management Accounting/Financial Accounting/ Audit Headquarters – 08/14/22HO
North Cape – 08/15/22NC

Governance (Risk Management; Fraud and Compliance; Policy and Governance Unit) Risk Management/Accounting/Internal Audit/Police/Fraud and Investigation/Investigation/Forensic Central Office – 08/16/22 HO
Digital Visual Communication Graphic Design / Digital Design Headquarters – 08/17/22HO
Social Sciences Headquarters of Social Sciences – 08/18/22HO
Data Analysis / Data Information Management Data analytics / Data quality management / Data Processing and Information Management Headquarters – 08/19/22HO
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering Central Office – 08/20/22HO
English with an African Language Central Language Office – 08/21/22HO
Data Science Data Science Head Office – 08/22/22HO
Gauteng – 08/23/22GP

INQUIRIES Head Office Positions: Ms L Dooka: (012) 336 0161

APPLICATIONS: All applications must be submitted online at the following link:

CLOSING DATE: August 23, 2022

NOTE: Applications must be submitted online and must be fully completed in all fields, including the declaration portion. The position and the reference number requested must be clearly indicated. A recent and complete CV, specifying all qualifications and experience, with respective dates and copies of qualifications, ID and driver’s license (where applicable) must be uploaded to the system. Such copies do not need to be certified when applying for a position. Only candidates shortlisted for a position must present certified documents on the day of the interview or before the day following the communication from Human Resources.

General information: Preference will be given to candidates whose appointments promote representativeness in terms of race, gender and disability.