SterKinekor Job Application for Driver


  • Vacancy: Driver
  • Department: Operations
  • Ster-Kinekor Theatres Pty Ltd
  • Location: Sandton, Gauteng

Key Responsibilities: Driver

The purpose of the role is to ensure that all ad-hoc duties are performed in a timely manner, as per business requirements. The driver will be assigned duties on a daily basis and is required to perform those deliveries and/or pick-up’s as per business needs, in a same and compliant manner

Driver Job Duties:

Receiving and Dispatching

  • Loading and unloading of goods from the delivery vehicle
  • Checking and inspecting goods received and ensuring they are of accurate quantity, type, and acceptable quality.
  • Recording and reporting of any damaged or missing items
  • Moving the goods to the correct area in the warehouse for loading
  • Picking of goods that have been ordered / requested
  • Moving and packing of goods to dispatch area ensuring they are ready for collection.
  • Perform collections of under more, content, equipment, stock items, spares, and marketing material from the designated points (external parties, Cinemas, Head Office, Inter-Branch Transfers) and ensure scheduled deliveries are executed in a timely manner

Vehicle Management

  • Ensure the vehicle used is always maintained and treated with care
  • Ensure that the vehicle is parked in secure locations and is locked, when performing deliveries
  • Ensure compliance to road rules and regulations
  • Ensure that no unauthorized personal obtain use of the vehicle or are transported in the vehicle
  • Ensure effective record keeping (log sheets, maintenance schedules, etc.) and the submission of expense slips to finance (maintenance, toll gates, refills, company petrol card slips, etc.)
  • Ensure safe keeping of the company petrol card, when not in use
  • Ensure adherence to Health & Safety standards by ensuring
    • Vehicle is always kept clean and tidy
    • No unauthorized individuals should be allowed access to the vehicle
    • Timely servicing and maintenance are scheduled and conducted

General Duties

  • Assess work or schedule requirements daily and coordinate the required pick-up’s and drop off’s
  • Check and respond to email communication regarding availability for deliveries and pick-up’s
  • Ensure the vehicle is secured at the SKT Head Office at the end of each business day and that the keys are handed to your line manager
  • Perform ADHOC duties as per business / operational requirements
  • Manage the purchases of maintenance supplies, as required


  • Matric essential
  • Valid Driver’s License essential code EB (8) or C1 (10)

Experience and Knowledge of:

  • Minimum of ten (10) years’ working experience
  • Experience as a driver in previous roles for a minimum of 5 years


  • MS Office Suite

Physical Abilities

  • Must have the ability to pick up and move heavy equipment, with assistance if required – aligned with H&S Regulations
  • Must have the ability to travel and to transport equipment as and when required


  • Verbal and written communication.
  • Administration & Organizational skills
  • Exceptional driving skills
  • Ability to function under pressure
  • Attention to detail
  • Logical thinker
  • Honest
  • Responsible
  • Systematic and Structured
  • Self-starter, independent & self-motivated