WSP Engineering Student Bursary 2023


About WSP

With its history dating back to 1959, WSP Global Inc is a Canadian company that provides consultancy and management services. Engineering solutions are provided by the company. Some of their notable services include Environment, Energy, Industry and Resources, Property & Buildings, Transport and Infrastructure.

Since its inception, the company has acquired two acquisitions and merged into a single company under the name of WSP. This firm provides its services globally, including in Africa, Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

More than 42,000 employees are working under the organization. WSP values its people and the reputation they have created. They provide extraordinary efforts to engage and retain the best professionals in the field. The highest ethical standards are maintained by the company.

The strength of WSP lies in its ability to adapt to its client culture and its local markets and to bring its vision to life. WSP provides personalized services while handling complex projects and providing the best that they have to offer. At WSP, hardworking and professional team anticipates trends of the future and proposes innovative ideas that match their and clients’ ideologies.

WSP Engineering Bursary

WSP Engineering Student Bursaries 2023

WSP is awarding bursaries to students studying in the field of engineering degree studies i.e., BSc (Eng) or BEng in the field of mechanical, electrical, civil & chemical engineering fields and Environmental Science (BSc or BSc Hons).

Students are eligible to take up vacation work during their studies and will receive employment opportunities once they graduate. The employment opportunities depend on the academic performance of the candidate and the vacancies available at the time.

The bursary aims to provide financial assistance to underprivileged but deserving and meritorious students. WSP works towards improving the labour market of South Africa by providing skilled professionals. The bursary helps disadvantaged students to gain valuable skills along the way.

Eligibility Criteria

Mentioned down below are the eligibility criteria for WSP Bursary 2022- 2023. You must meet all the requirements to apply for the bursary.

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • The candidate should have completed the matric examination
  • The candidate should pursue an engineering degree (Bsc Eng or BEng) in the fields mentioned in the bursary i.e., chemical, civil, electrical or mechanical engineering and environmental science
  • The applicant must be entering into their 2nd, 3rd or final year of study in their application year
  • Should be pursuing their degree from an accredited and recognized university in South Africa
  • The applicant must pass all the subjects for the current academic year and should achieve a minimum of 65% on their overall average
  • The candidate must be passionate about engineering and should be dedicated to studies and career
  • The applicant must not receive any funding from a bursary or other scholarship.
  • Preference will be given to disadvantaged students

How To Apply?

Applications must be submitted online at WSP Engineering Student Bursary Application 2022/ 2023 

Documents Required

The documents (certified copies) required for registering for WSP Bursary 2022- 2023 are

  • ID documents
  • Matric certificate
  • University registration proof
  • Full tertiary academic transit or progress report with university stamped (most recent)
  • Curriculum vitae (with contact details i.e., with an email address or mobile number)
  • Signed letter stating that the candidate is not receiving any other bursary or scholarship awards

Contact Details

If you are facing any difficulty regarding the WSP bursary 2022- 2023, visit the website WSP directly and submit your query on their contact page ( Select the “careers” tab and then go to the drop-down menu.